I used to think I was a introvert. However, through photography I have learned that I am quite social and incredibly intuitive with people's feeling and personalities. This comes in handy when working with couples, brides, grooms, families and just people in general. I know how to make people feel at ease around me and in front of my camera.

I know how to get people to drop their guard and be who they are without acting or pretending. This is why most of my images look so intimate and natural. The majority of people I photograph are just like most of us. They are normal people who (like most us) are not comfortable having their picture taken.

So, expect me to be aware of your shyness, or when you are done and ready to go and have fun doing what people do at weddings. This is why I keep all the formal part of the day short and sweet. I will always get enough portraits, details and all those images you were hoping to have captured. But, I don’t take you away from all the fun stuff like the cocktail hour and hanging out with your family and friends.

The pictures here show everything that means the most to me. In the end, I am just a passionate person at heart who loves to make photographs that capture this incredible journey we call life.

Awards & Publications

Named one of the best up-and-coming wedding photographers in the world by the prestigious Rangefinder Magazine
"30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016"
Also featured in Junebug Weddings •  Huffington Post

Moment Junkie • Celebrations Magazine
plus a really cool 2016 Addy Award for "Best In Photography"