When you live in Florida, you have more than your share of parks, beaches and forest like options to take engagement photos. I am a California boy, so my taste of locations is probably best suited for the West Coast. I love mountains, deserts and open fields. I love neutral and earth tones and hues when they meet in the sunlight. They create a mood and color like nothing else.

I am always looking for quirky shooting locations that have that “feel.” I am always looking for anything that resembles the desert or mountains or anything with earth tones. Where I live has a constant flow of new home constructions, so I have fallen in love with construction sites. They are an open canvas, clean and desert like with perfect earth reddish tones.

I was super excited when Kelly and Tali agreed to going on an adventure with me and trying a less traditional option to photographing their engagement session. Even thought they were “No Trespassing” signs on site,  it is nice to know that my couples trust me to take them into nontraditional locations that can be slightly concerning to the average couple.

Once we arrived at the site, our desert oasis, Tali and Kelly were in love with the location. The desert location in combination with the American flag that Kelly had brought with her was the perfect combo to create a gorgeous Americana theme shoot. It was nothing we planned before hand but it came together beautifully from pure experimentation.

We had a blast shooting in the twilight hour. Kelly and Tali were so playful and cute with one another.  We had a  good time in the “desert” sand. The mood of the twilight light that night was breathtaking and we ended up taking pictures until it was almost too dark to even focus my camera.

YAY!! for deserts, the American Flag and awesome couples.