When I first started the process of building my own business as a wedding photographer, I had  many dreams.  My lack of inexperience, however, did not allow me to see the realities of building a business and being an entrepreneur.  My dreams of being a rock star wedding photographer, world renowned, published and sought out were too idealistic.

Now, I am more grounded when it comes to my business but certain dreams remain.These dreams have transformed into something more realistic than they were in the beginning. So, when I received a surprising email from Junebug Weddings a couple of months ago inviting me to join their publication as a member and to submit a wedding they’ve seen on my blog and would love to publish, I was reminded of those dreams I once dreamt about and I felt a sense of going full circle.

Given the amount of amazingly talented wedding photographers in the world, this accomplishment has humbled me. I know how much work there is still left to do and how many more things there are still to be accomplished. However, I know now more than ever how important it is to dream big.

In the amazing book Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod (which by the way I would recommend to any artist wanting to pursue their dreams), MacLeod says, "work hard, keep at it, live simply and quietly, remain humble, stay positive, create your own luck, be nice and be polite." I would add this: use positive visualization and write down all the things you want to accomplish, give it time and don’t get too high off the highs or too low off the lows.

Keep dreaming and dream as big as you can.

Thanks to Junebug Weddings for making many wedding photographers' dreams come through.

A huge thanks to Nirvi and Hemu for believing in my vision to capture their story... You can see their wedding blog post >>> HERE

Thanks to all the awesome vendors that made this day possible.

Finally another huge thanks to an awesome photographer and my dear friend Tiffani Jones Photography, for shooting this one with me. It would not have been possible without you.

You can see the full post the Junebug Weddings Blog  >>> HERE

Venue – Lake Mirror Complex
Catering – India Grill
Cake – Buttercup Cakes
Videography – Imprint
Invitations – Love On Paper
Hair Styling – Esquire Salon & Spa
Wedding Dress – Asopalav
Groom’s Apparel – Manyavar
Rings – Tiny Jewel Box