Maria + Cristina at the Veranda at Thornton Park

I have always believed that wedding days should be about the people and the time they get to spend together. They shouldn't be about a million traditions, must haves, and cookie cutter photographs.

Of course, weddings will always have dresses, shoes, cakes, flowers and people throwing those flowers.

But, for what they're worth, weddings are a celebration of life. It's a day in a life. Even though it's a day that does not necessarily define anyone or how we love,  it does, symbolize our hopes and dreams. It tells of our direction in life and the people we have chosen to share our lives with.

Weddings are more like family reunions, but much grander of course. It's families, new and long time friendships uniting.  They are often a once in a lifetime type of reunion. This reunion is a binding experience not to be taken lightly and should not be missed emotionally or physically, especially due to traditions, must dos or cookie cutter images.

Maria and Cristina's wedding was all about the adventure. They did not want time set aside for portraits and did not ask for any "must have" photographs. They simply wanted their day to be captured. For them, it was about enjoying a dream. It was the dream of marrying the person you have been committed to for many years. 

It is a bit scary to shoot off the cuff and to have to capture everything as it's happening without being directed. However, a wedding such as this offers a unique opportunity to create a story that hopefully feel honest to the people in it. There are images thatfeel honest to the love and the strong bonds I witnessed that day. Above all I hope that this images show the loyalty and the happiness everyone shared and felt for Maria and Cristina on that great day.


Venue (Getting Ready): Aloft
Venue (Ceremony + Reception) The Veranda at Thornton Park


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