Over the last year or so I’ve seen a trend with the couples who book me. There is an energy about them that goes beyond the traditional. They are made of heart and emotion rather than logic and convention. They have a passion that has pushed me to new limits and to see weddings with a new candor.
Also over the last year, I have been working on creating a mission, a vision and a purpose statement for my business. But, for the most part, everything I have come up with felt like a carbon copy of something that is supposed to be or something I wish I could be. Not until recently I realized that what I was looking for was already there. Somewhere in the images I was taking and in the things I was trying to capture, it become obvious that once again, there was energy. This energy had to do with the people, a sort of synergy between them and me.
So, in between the romantic portraits, trendy hipster poses, pretty decor and gorgeous dresses and everything synonymous with weddings, there were these other kind of images that embody energy. These images felt more like me. They explored a sentiment, a feeling, a personal intuition and presentation of what I felt when I was present in the moments of these weddings, in these people.
I hope this collection of moments, movements, expressions, human connections, and everything from quiet to loud say everything…
Brittany and Terrance have that energy. Their beautiful bond with each other, their friends and family say just about everything you would need to know about who they are as people.
Their wedding was intimate and everyone chipped in and worked hard to make the day happen. Terrance worked at making sure everything was perfect until the last moment before the ceremony.  
I really am a sucker for father and daughter relationships, and the one between the bride and her dad could not have been sweeter. They unique sense of humor was the way they expressed everything they felt. The same went for the groom whose parents easily demonstrated his strength and gentleness.
Brittany and Terrance will do great things together. They will build a strong marriage and raise a great family.
Thank you guys for sharing this incredible experience with me. Many more photos coming your way, including cute portraits and all that jazz.