Rangefinder's 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016

Since the beginning of my journey as a wedding photographer, the bigger picture was always about the photography. It is about capturing memories and telling stories. It is about doing it well and in a unique manner. I wanted to tell genuine stories of life, love, friendships and family but with a narrative that felt like me, the way I saw the world, relationships, love, life, weddings. 

Getting to be a part of this award and amongst those whom I share it with is bigger than anything I could have imagined. The amount of talent on this list is tremendous and I already feel like I am building incredible new friendships. So, it is humbling and inspiring to be apart of it. It feels like that big picture I dream about is all too possible and reachable.

So, today I will celebrate, drink, cheer, cry and laugh. Tomorrow, I am ready to continue on this amazing journey. 

Thank you: 
To my wife: For believing in me before I believed in myself. 
Spencer Lum: For being a mentor and a true and unexpected friend in this industry. 
Amanda Marie: For believing I had what it took to make this list. 
Jacqueline Tobin, Libby Peterson and everyone at Rangefinder: For seeing something in me. 
To all my couples: For trusting in my approach and style of photography and what that could offer to them on their wedding day celebration.
And, to the many people in the industry who have been friends every step of the way without asking for anything in return. 



Gian Carlo Brand14 Comments