The best of my wedding photography 2016 and beyond

It's difficult for me to feature the best of my wedding photos. There are too many images I would have to go through. There are already over 400 images in this 3 minutes and 44 seconds slideshow. 

This is not say that all of my work is “the best” but by my own definition what makes my photography good, special, “best” are the moments I am able to capture and witness at all the weddings I am invited to throughout the year. 

So, the real “best” are the weddings themselves and more than anything, the people who are at the wedding. I like the word "composed" because more or less weddings are a composition. They are like a musical piece that has its ups and down in melody, the chorus, and often the grand finale. 

I choose this song by the artist Aurora because it moves every part of my being when I hear it. She is a bit of a self proclaimed weirdo and warrior and dedicated this song called “warrior” to fans who identify with her. 

I have been wanting to do a “best of” for a long time and therefore this one goes beyond 2016. For me, it is really a celebration for being able to do this the last 4 years and to be able to provide for my family doing something that means so much to me.

I hope the feeling in this edit goes beyond who is in the images or even how great they may or may not be technically. 

Because for me, it is the act of living that moves me. It is the reason for my vision in photography. Life is always in motion and we are most alive when we move, dance, laugh, kiss, cry… 

.. I hope these images make you want to do a lot more of all those things at your next social event, family gathering or wedding. 






Gian Carlo Brand5 Comments